Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soul of a Woman Unknown Written: February 1st 2010

Within this person
there lies a soul,
with many things,
that no ones knows.
A heart that beats
for one special purpose,
all this you would know
if you cared to notice.
Here lies a dream
she once had,
to have a child
who had a dad.
A spirit that blooms,
every night and day
a strong willed spirit
which some might say.
Here rests a certain passion
the thing that keeps her sain,
a pen and pad is all she needs
to take away her pain.
Deep within lies a past,
she wants to go away,
left with open wounds and scars,
and nothing left to say.
Here sits a certain emptiness,
from things she can't explain,
the only time you'll see her cry,
is when shes standing in the rain.

Monday, April 11, 2011

For You My Friend!! Written: June 17th 2010

Crouched in the corner to hide her eyes,
the anger, the bruises, and her helpless cries.
Looking in the mirror, eyes all swelled up,
all cuz the way she washed that cup.
Be it right or wrong, she'll never know,
scared to stay and too afraid to go.
He comes home angry, for no reason at all,
she sits at home waiting, with no one to call.
She feels helpless, at fault and full of shame,
He promised her a ring, a house, his last name.
He gave her a broken rib, black eye, crooked teeth
her friends are angry, her family filled with grief.
She paces back and forth, waiting for the day,
hoping maybe, someday she can run away.
But what will happen, what will he do?
And if he catches her, the outcome will be nothing new.
Some bumps and bruises, scuffed up pride,
The real damage starts, and lives inside.
So she waits a little while for him to forget,
placing her life on this dangerous bet.
She waits in the morning, as he leaves for his job,
and cries out loud with an emotional sob.
She packs her things in bags, puts on her shoes,
and runs out the door as if shes heard some good news.
With no where to go, she is all alone,
no money for a bus, cab, or pay phone.
She walks down the street, cool wind in her hair,
bruises and all, but she hardly even cares.
Now she sits in the corner, crying again,
thinking of things that happened back then.
Thankful to be alive and breathing,
Not in a room, alone and weeping!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Man on The Bus Written Feb 9th 2010

I see the pain all over his face,
trying to do whatever to get
outta this place.
Whether physically, or chemically,
he's trying to find somewhere else to be.
It's taken a toll on his mind, body and soul.
He's gone to places you will never know.
Trying so hard to hide whats inside,
He thinks of this drug as some sort of guide.
A guide to a place that's far away from here,
a place he won't have to shed one single tear.
I've been to that place, I've seen it before,
a place that you go when you want something more.
There's happiness, laughter and often times friends,
but most of the time they won't stay till the end.
This place you go to when you've had enough,
you go to this place when things get too tough.
A place that you go when your trying to hide,
all the pain, and emptiness you feel inside.
This man has been in this place so long,
his laughter, reality, and soon his life will be gone.
It was supposed to be temporary relief from his
 tear stained eyes,
Something to drown out the sound of his cries.
Something like a temporary fix,
Unfortunately he got caught in the mix.

Almost Sleeper Written January 31st 2010

One more story,
one more book,
come here mommy,
take a look.

Lets play a game,
and watch cartoons,
go outside,
and chase the moon.

Close your eyes my almost sleeper,
cuddle up real tight.
Dream sweet dreams my almost sleeper,
all through the peaceful night.

Come lay with me mommy,
come snuggle up with me.
Tuck me up mommy,
right here is where I want you to be.

Close your eyes my almost sleeper,
cuddle up real tight.
Dream sweet dreams my almost sleeper,
all through the peaceful night.

Look out the window mommy,
look at all the stars.
Can you hear the trains mommy?
The sound of all the cars?

Can I have a drink of water,
Maybe a little snack?
I have to go potty mommy,
I'll be right back.

Close your eyes my almost sleeper,
cuddle up real tight.
Dream sweet dreams my almost sleeper,
all through the peaceful night.

Give me a goodnight kiss mommy,
I want a hug too.
I'll see you in the morning,
oh, and mommy, I love you!

I  love you too my almost sleeper,
with all of my heart.
Together forever my almost sleeper,
never shall we part!