Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soul of a Woman Unknown Written: February 1st 2010

Within this person
there lies a soul,
with many things,
that no ones knows.
A heart that beats
for one special purpose,
all this you would know
if you cared to notice.
Here lies a dream
she once had,
to have a child
who had a dad.
A spirit that blooms,
every night and day
a strong willed spirit
which some might say.
Here rests a certain passion
the thing that keeps her sain,
a pen and pad is all she needs
to take away her pain.
Deep within lies a past,
she wants to go away,
left with open wounds and scars,
and nothing left to say.
Here sits a certain emptiness,
from things she can't explain,
the only time you'll see her cry,
is when shes standing in the rain.

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