Monday, April 11, 2011

For You My Friend!! Written: June 17th 2010

Crouched in the corner to hide her eyes,
the anger, the bruises, and her helpless cries.
Looking in the mirror, eyes all swelled up,
all cuz the way she washed that cup.
Be it right or wrong, she'll never know,
scared to stay and too afraid to go.
He comes home angry, for no reason at all,
she sits at home waiting, with no one to call.
She feels helpless, at fault and full of shame,
He promised her a ring, a house, his last name.
He gave her a broken rib, black eye, crooked teeth
her friends are angry, her family filled with grief.
She paces back and forth, waiting for the day,
hoping maybe, someday she can run away.
But what will happen, what will he do?
And if he catches her, the outcome will be nothing new.
Some bumps and bruises, scuffed up pride,
The real damage starts, and lives inside.
So she waits a little while for him to forget,
placing her life on this dangerous bet.
She waits in the morning, as he leaves for his job,
and cries out loud with an emotional sob.
She packs her things in bags, puts on her shoes,
and runs out the door as if shes heard some good news.
With no where to go, she is all alone,
no money for a bus, cab, or pay phone.
She walks down the street, cool wind in her hair,
bruises and all, but she hardly even cares.
Now she sits in the corner, crying again,
thinking of things that happened back then.
Thankful to be alive and breathing,
Not in a room, alone and weeping!!

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