Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Man on The Bus Written Feb 9th 2010

I see the pain all over his face,
trying to do whatever to get
outta this place.
Whether physically, or chemically,
he's trying to find somewhere else to be.
It's taken a toll on his mind, body and soul.
He's gone to places you will never know.
Trying so hard to hide whats inside,
He thinks of this drug as some sort of guide.
A guide to a place that's far away from here,
a place he won't have to shed one single tear.
I've been to that place, I've seen it before,
a place that you go when you want something more.
There's happiness, laughter and often times friends,
but most of the time they won't stay till the end.
This place you go to when you've had enough,
you go to this place when things get too tough.
A place that you go when your trying to hide,
all the pain, and emptiness you feel inside.
This man has been in this place so long,
his laughter, reality, and soon his life will be gone.
It was supposed to be temporary relief from his
 tear stained eyes,
Something to drown out the sound of his cries.
Something like a temporary fix,
Unfortunately he got caught in the mix.

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